Inland Travel in Colonial Mexico

Going Ashore - Colonial Central Mexico by Van

Tesoros Coloniales Del Centro Mexico

An Overview of "Two Can Play’s" Eight Week Trip through Central Mexico during February and March, 2005

Getting Started

Suggested Reading Before You Go:


Getting there from Baja

Ferry to Topolombampo (reserve a seat) (2,275 pesos for car, driver and one passenger, leaves La Paz at 15:00 mas o minos and arrives about 21:00. Return leaves 23:30 and arrives 06:00, allow extra three hours for military inspection on return trip—nothing going to the mainland.)

Auto Importation Permit (300 pesos, plus a credit card deposit, get at Banercito at Pichilingue ferry terminal)
First night could be problematic—we parked the van at the Jardin in Topolobampo, several auto-hotels in Los Mochis, about 20 km from ferry, bus?)

General Itinerary by State:

Moving Around


Free Roads (Libres)



Food and Provisions are no problem





Places We Stayed and Would Recommend to Others



Places we would consider living

if we had to move off the boat—or wanted somewhere to escape to during hurricane season.

Places that were overrated and we would bypass next time.

This information was derived from recalling memories of the trip, not from a written diary or journal—so please don’t rely on the information without verifying it from other sources. The information represents our personal preferences and opinions—we guarantee you will have a great time exploring the central colonial region of Mexico.

Buen Vajae
Dennis and Susan Ross

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