Indonesia – Diversity Unleashed

Indonesia is an archipelago that spans the equator with more than 15,000 islands. The unequaled diversity of the flora and fauna is only matched  by the diversity of people. More than 250 distinct languages are spoken and there are more than 600 dialects in use. The human population is around 250 million making it the fourth largest country in the world and it is the largest Muslim country in the world. About 95% of the population is Muslim and the other 5% are Christian, Hindu or Buddhist..

Nello and Sheridan lived in Indonesia for nearly 10 years – 2 years in North Sulawesi and then in the capital city of Jakarta on the island of Java. Nello, who holds a Ph.D. in Biological Science, worked to establish new faculties of science at 5 state universities in eastern Indonesia.  This work provided the opportunity to travel through some of the biologically richest and most diverse areas of Indonesia. Travel by boat is common and the only way to reach many of the smaller, more remote islands. For three years while in Jakarta they owned a Van de Stadt 34 named Terus, which means “onward, forward or keep going”, which she did in the islands off of Java.

Their talk will focus on the culture of Indonesia and travel by boat off the beaten track in this remarkable country, but even the beaten track remains very interesting and worth visiting. Diving, birding, exploring antiquities and trekking offer opportunities for sea and land exploration on islands that are unrivaled for their biological diversity and unsullied pristine beauty.

Nello and Sheridan Angerelli
Currently living in La Paz on "Marathon"