Clara Peres Mendez

Clara Esther Armendáríz Beltrán is a Native of Tijuana, BC Mexico. She is now semi-retired and currently resides in La Paz, BCS Mexico where she relishes on implementing her biculturalism; from her Mexican roots and the 30 plus years she lived in Colorado, USA here she flourished as a business woman and the upbringing of her two children. Clara enjoys sharing life narratives and experiences where she compares and contrasts the differences in cultural lifestyles between Mexico and the United States. Her consulting business in Colorado, Puentes Culturales or Cultural Bridges, focuses on what she loves most, which is to support and help people build a connection with each other. Bringing people together and find a common tribute, to enjoy life at every stage in our lives and appreciate the similarities we have as human beings.
Clara has also volunteered for the Teletón Foundation (CRIT), has given Gourmet Mexican cuisine classes at “Aca entre nos”, is the owner of Quinta Clarita Furnished Housing in La Paz, BCS and is a member of the “Orion” crew at Club Rotario-Sunday Sailing Fundraiser.
On October 31st, Clara will explain the traditional celebration of the Day of The Dead.
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