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Built my first radio when I was in elementary school for a school project.

Had my ham radio license by high school and advanced amateur (Canada) a couple of years later.

Started work for a communications company right after high school doing the first high speed digital communications. Worked on some of the first computers that were put into offices in Vancouver as well as the RCMP data communications systems.

Moved to a telephone company and continued the same type of work then moved into microwave radio and cellular systems. Everything from building the towers, putting in the antennas and cables, repairing the generators and air conditioning, and working on the site solar and battery systems.

During this time I apprenticed as a commercial rigger and received a master riggers ticket. As far as I know I am the only ticketed rigger working in the marine industry on the west coast of North America.

During the 80's a friend and I built a 3/4 scale remote controlled helicopter complete with computer capable control. The U.S. military was interested in this project. I designed all the electronics for this project.

My first large marine project was the complete rebuild of a 4.5 million dollar Nordhavn 75 ft boat that had sunk. This included replacing the generators, engines, all wiring, pumps, air conditioning, appliances and all other systems. We were told that it was impossible to do a project like this in La Paz. We did it in eight months.

So my background is electronics, radio, data communications, mechanical, air conditioning, solar, batteries and much more.


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