Hurricane Odile

Salvageable Boats 9/20/14

A list of boats damaged or sunk due to Hurricane Odile compiled by Susan & Dennis Ross

The following boats may be salvageable. Anyone who wants to try to save their boat needs to come to La Paz before next Friday the 26 & 27th when the tides will be the highest for a while. This Sunday people will be out again trying to pull a few more easy ones off if possible. Otherwise we are waiting for bigger tides. "The word 'aground' below, generally means beached on a sand bottom or washed up against mangroves, unless otherwise noted:

In addition to the vessels named above, three other vessels that were initially aground have been successfully re-floated and are doing fine.

Damaged Vessels in the Atalanta Dry Storage Yard

There are several other unnamed boats that either toppled over or are partially atop or under adjacent boats, thus this should not be considered the complete list of affected vessels. Again, please note that specific damage varies. Some vessels, while lying atop, or partially under, etc. adjacent boats may only have incurred superficial-to-minor damage, largely as a result of toppling over in the wind on rain-softened ground in the yard. The good news is that some of the force of the wind that swept across the yard was diminished by the newly constructed multi-story City Express Hotel that lies between the yard and the street that passes between the La Paz Malecon and the communities out in Costa Baja, Pichilingue, and beyond.