Nuevo Creacion "The Orphanage "

While we all refer to Nueva Creacion as an “orphanage,” they actually refer to themselves as an “alburque infantil,” which means youth hostel. Their goal in taking in the children is family reunification. Many of the parents are too poor, temporarily incapacitated or even drug addicted to be able to tend to the children. They also find the kids living on the streets, and some have come through the court system. They range in age 4 months to 18 years old.

These kids are loved and provided with spiritual teaching, character development and skills training. They are like a big family. Currently, there are 29 kids living at Nueva Creacion, and about 12 adults. So, their greatest need is food. They are currently working with a local group to build a large organic garden onsite and are repairing their chicken coop so they are working toward sustainability. Nevertheless, there are many mouths to feed. They are also in constant need of cleaning supplies as they must maintain their facilities for inspection by the state. And of course, they always need clothing and other staples.

Another need is funding to pay for CFE (the electric company). It is an average of 5,000 pesos a month. They are also working on various projects. For example, a new bathroom and dresser-type storage space in the dorms.

The following is a list that Nueva Creacion is currently in need of:

To learn more visit the New Creation Kids website.