Fishing Licenses & Rules

Anyone fishing on a boat in Mexico needs a fishing license and here's how.

On Line

Fill in the online form at Baja Sur Sportfishing. It's in English and it's easy.  It is a Baja California Sur State page but the fishing licenses that are issued are federal and good for all Mexican waters. Once you have completed the form and paid just print the license and carry it with you.

In the US

While in San Diego you can easily obtain a license at the Mexico Fisheries Department located at:
2550 Fifth Ave, Suite 15, San Diego, CA 92103

Fishing License Rates

Due to the exchange rate the cost of a fishing license is roughly as follows:

Limits & Rules

The license allows you to catch a certain number of species per day as determined through a point system. Each licensed person is entitled to fish up to 10 points per day.

  1.  Billfish (marlin, sailfish, swordfish) equal 5 points* each
  2. Dorado and roosterfish equal 2.5 points* each
  3. Other species equal 1 point* per specimen

*You cannot catch more than 5 points of the same species per day

Mexico is encouraging a catch and release campaign which includes the captureing of only one billfish per boat, per day. Help preserve the species and support this campaign.