Hurricane Preparation Seminar

What My Boat Did While I Was On Summer Vacation:

Adventures In Leaving Your Boat While You Escape The Heat

From a Club Cruceros 2013 Seminar - by Dennis & Susan Ross

Preparation of the Boat - It Pays to Plan Ahead

Preparation of the Crew and Belongings

Anchor vs. Marina Berth vs. Hauling Out

Anchoring Issues

Marina Berth Issues

Dry Storage Issues

Storm, What Storm? - Where To Find Information While "Up North"

I'm Insured So I'm Not Worried

(Assuming You Have More Than Liability Insurance)

Coming Home

Repair and Recovery Issues

Miscellaneous Tips


The following is a Heavy Weather Plan that has been accepted by several insurance underwriters who asked for a “hurricane plan.” Feel free to plagiarize/modify as desired to meet your needs.

Heavy Weather Plan

Planning Phase

Securing the Boat