Be a Sea Turtle Spotter

All of the marine sea turtle populations in Baja California Sur are listed as endangered by Mexico and by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. With your help scientists can map out sea turtle distribution and identify high priority conservation areas of these magnificent creatures. From your boat or from the beach report your sea turtle sightings from anywhere in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez. To help identify the species download and print the Sea Turtle Identification chart.

Here are three possible ways to participate:

  1. Just email the coordinates of any sightings to Include as much information as you can including latitude and longitude, species, photo, date, time. Any information will help.
  2. Download, print, and fill in the Citizen Science Monitoring Data Sheet. When finished just take a photo of it or scan it and email to
  3. With an internet connection download and register with the mobile app The app is for Android, iPhone, or iPad and will work without an internet connection. Locate the project "Sea Turtle Spotter, in the checklist find the species, click add, fill in the data fields and click save. When you return to an internet connection just sync your observation.

For more information go to ProFaunaBaja

ProFaunaBaja is a group of scientists, students, and naturalists who share a specific goal to conserve biodiversity and vulnerable ecosystems in Baja California Sur. The Pacific Sea Turtles are not their only focus ProFaunaBaja also encourages all mariners along the Baja Coast and in the Sea of Cortez to report findings of jumping mobula rays, manta rays, sharks (including whale sharks), whales, and anything else you can identify. More information is also needed on the intensive fishing activity in Baja waters and researchers seek the reporting of any overfishing. Cruisers are encouraged to join in patrols for nesting sea turtles, the release of baby sea turtles, and to join ProFaunaBaja on research tagging trips.