The Club Cruceros Clubhouse

The clubhouse is located in the southwest corner of the Marina de La Paz facility. There you will find DVD’s to checkout, books to exchange, incoming and outgoing mail, t-shirts, hats and Mexican courtesy flags for sale. Take a look at the bulletin board for things for sale or trade, announcements and offers of rides and crew. Use the club VHF, visit with other cruisers or just take a rest in the shade.

Clubhouse History

Click here for a little history of the Clubhouse and its rebuild in 2013.

Clubhouse Hours: 8 am to 7 pm


Marina de La Paz keeps any mail they have received and signed for. They also keep all mail for their clients. If you are a Marina de La Paz client and a club member you may want to make arrangements with the marina to pick up your mail in the clubhouse mail locker. All other mail goes to the Club Cruceros clubhouse. Envelopes are filed in the locked club mailbox under boat name or call sign, or last name if there is no boat name or call sign. Larger envelopes are kept below. Mail for non-members is filed in the non-member box under last name. Larger packages may be kept in the back room. Club member’s mail is announced on the morning radio net the day after it’s received. Members receive the combination for the mail locker when they join Club Cruceros. Be sure to lock it up after use!

Incoming mail should be addressed to:

Your Name
Your Boat Name
APDO Postal 366
La Paz, BCS, México CP23000

The club also facilitates mail delivery by cruisers in the fleet to the US postal service. It must be flat mail and include the proper amount of US postage. The outgoing mail slot is located under the incoming locked mail inside the clubhouse door to the right.


Almost 3,000 DVD's are available for members to check out during coffee hour. Click here to download a .pdf of the DVD database. There is a return slot in the clubhouse door. Please return promptly so others can enjoy. Feel free to donate DVDs to keep our library growing.

Charity Solicitation

All solicitation for charities must be preapproved. If you are interested in collecting funds during coffee hour or near the clubhouse, please contact a Board Member for approval.


There is no smoking allowed inside the clubhouse


Pets are not permitted at Club events at the clubhouse. Pets are permitted on leashes during coffee hour and in the clubhouse when there is not a club event happening. Marina de La Paz policy is that all dogs must be on a leash at all times.


Vendors are not allowed to sell on clubhouse property except as follows:

We appreciate your help in keeping the clubhouse clean and orderly.