Hurricane Preparation

What to do when a hurricane is coming:

  1. Fill your water tanks and jugs
  2. Fill diesel fuel tanks and jugs
  3. Fill extra gas cans
  4. Get cash from ATM machines
  5. Precook some easy heat meals or have snack food handy
  6. Double up on dock lines and put on chafe guards.  Tie to pilings if you can
  7. Add extra safety line or chain to your mooring
  8. Have spare heavy duty anchors and rode ready to deploy
  9. Put money and passport in waterproof bag and keep it handy


  1. Do not go outside once wind is over 60 knots
  2. Never fend off another boat with feet or hands (fenders)
  3. If you have to go on deck in strong winds:
    1. Wear a life jacket and or harness to keep you attached to the boat
    2. Wear a mask and snorkel so you can see and breath in the blowing rain

    For more information and resources see Dennis & Susan Ross's notes for their Hurricane Preparation Seminar